The FAWSsit Portable Wheelchair Shower

Easily master every hurdle.

FAWSsit Portable Wheelchair Shower is available in five separate models to better meet your specific needs. The differences between the models are the sizes. Larger sized showers accommodate recliner wheelchairs and bariatric wheelchairs. There is also a shower for tall individuals. Designed for use by wheelchair patients, these portable showers can be used by anyone and are easily transportable to use while camping. These portable showers can be folded and stored after use. FAWSsit provides portable shower stalls, allowing anyone in a wheelchair to take a shower in any room! Privacy curtains on each side offer a full enclosure. The curtains are made of germicide-imbedded vinyl to help prevent mold or mildew. The durable canvass bottom protects your floor from waste water. An attached wet/dry 110V pump is plugged into a GFI outlet and removes the water to a nearby drain. This device allows individuals an inexpensive way to bathe when conventional baths or showers will not suffice. The FAWSsit showers are compact and foldable, enabling you to store them when not in use.

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