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Which Type of Wheelchair Lift is Right for You?

Updated: May 25

You love your home, and you want to live in it for as long as possible. But how do you continue to live your golden years in a home that no longer accommodates your level of mobility? Some elderly and mobility challenged opt for senior or group housing, but many are choosing to stay put.

Which type of wheelchair lift is right for you?

With many different styles of home modifications and lifts on the market, it’s time to narrow your search down to two: A Stiltz lift and the more widely recognized stairlift. While both are helpful solutions when the stairs become too much, we have a clear favorite.

Before we get into that, let’s explore your options.

Differences between Stiltz and stairlift

stair lift

Odds are you have seen a stairlift (or stair glide) in action. A stairlift is a motorized seat (usually battery-powered) mounted to a stair rail. The lift transports the chair up and down the stairs controlled by a joystick, remote control, or power button. Stairlifts are a bulkier option and, depending on your mobility levels, potentially more dangerous.

Some stairlift purveyors offer self-installation options, which, although cost-effective, we don’t recommend because you lose the option to have an evaluation from a medical and mobility specialist. Trying to save a few dollars installing a stairlift yourself could result in costly modifications down the road.

One serious consideration for stairlifts is the transfer from wheelchair to the lift chair back to the wheelchair. Although on the surface stairlifts seem like a more affordable option, you must consider having a separate wheelchair for the second floor and whether the transfer process could leave the user in a compromised situation.

In contrast, whether you are ready for a home lift now or are future-proofing, Stiltz home elevator lifts put the sexy into home modifications. You aren’t a one-size-fits-all person, and Stiltz lifts allow the flexibility to find a lift that fits your needs.

A Stiltz lift is a unique and compact design that can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Stiltz offers three different variations of lifts to ensure that you never feel dependent on a caretaker, even though you might be. The installation for your Stiltz isn’t complicated, but there are lots of nuances you need to think about—hire an expert!

Who is Stiltz right for

Stiltz wheelchair lift

Getting older (or living with a disability) is not for the faint of heart! No one likes to feel compromised in any way, but time has its own plans. Home modifications don’t have to carry the stigma of old age or disability. They can increase the value of your home, be entirely out of sight, and make you the envy of all your aging friends!

The Stiltz Duo Alta is compact and installed almost anywhere in your home, including closets, corners, and hallways. The Stiltz Trio Alta offers two different versions to accommodate a wheelchair and up to three people. Stiltz elevators can also move heavy, awkward items between floors and all but guarantee your spot as the coolest grandpa on the block.

Why you need a pro

Regardless of the type of home modifications you choose to implement, we strongly recommend the involvement of an accessibility specialist. Without the participation of a professional, you could invest in an expensive home modification that ends up causing more harm.

In the case of chairlifts, we have seen misaligned transfers create falls and more injury. We don’t want this to happen to you, which is why we endorse Stiltz home lift elevator! A quality elevator and professional guidance take the guesswork and room for error out of the chair transfer process and keeps you and your loved ones safe.

The installation of a Stiltz elevator requires bi-yearly maintenance and power considerations—all best handled by an accessibility specialist.

Let’s work together to make sure your home is where you’ll stay.

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