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Top 4 Benefits of Hiring an Accessibility Pro

The road to making your home as accessible as possible is filled with red tape. Between insurance technicalities, ADA compliance, building contractors, and necessary considerations for you and your family’s well-being, living comfortably in your own home can get complicated—fast. Accessibility professionals offer a bridge between you and a complex system that can leave your well-being feeling out of reach.

Accessibility Specialist

Here are our top four benefits of hiring an accessibility pro for your home modification projects.

Diversified expertise

Accessibility specialists act as a liaison between the medical world, the construction world, and your world. They advocate for you and your wellbeing throughout the complex process of creating your most comfortable home.

With specialized backgrounds in occupational therapy, Thrive for Life’s accessibility professionals are a trusted, credible resource who understand your mobility needs as well as the inner workings of the healthcare industry.

Although not typically versed in construction projects, an experienced accessibility specialist understands the needs of construction work. With acquired skills in drafting project specs and home installation, you’ll always have a pro on your side who is ready to deal with any hurdles that surface during your project.

Project management

A project as important as your health and safety needs to run smoothly. With an accessibility specialist acting as a project manager, you can focus on increasing your quality of life while your pro keeps the project (and any contractors) on track. With the ability to juggle multiple areas of expertise at once, an accessibility specialist creates a winning combination for everyone involved.

Insurance Compliance

Odds are your Medicare doesn’t cover home modifications, but your insurance does—sometimes. Having an ally who helps your project stay true to plans saves you the headache of going over budget and it enables you to navigate other funding options, like Medicare, Medicaid, veterans benefits, workers compensation insurance, long-term disability insurance, and even creative funding sources like nonprofits and grants.

Your accessibility pro knows the safest and most cost-effective way to complete your project without losing sight of your medical needs. With years of occupational therapy experience, your well-being is always at the top of the list.

Continuity of care

From the emergency room to rehabilitation centers to nursing facilities to inpatient/outpatient care, accessibility specialists bridge the gaps in your healthcare journey. The relationship you create with your occupational therapist and accessibility specialist ensures consistent and quality medical attention from someone who knows and understands your individual needs.

With an accessibility specialist overseeing your home modification, the bridge expands beyond health care professionals and extends to contractors, insurance companies, and third-party payers.

Having a pro on your side ensures your care is as seamless as possible in a very complex situation. You have someone you can trust and rely on to give you the most holistic answer to all of your most important questions. An accessibility pro helps educate you by painting the whole picture of your care from start to finish.

If you are interested in hiring an accessibility specialist for your home modification projects, please contact us to assist in your project.

If you are an occupational therapist and becoming an accessibility pro sounds like something you are interested in exploring, visit our website to get your journey started!

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