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Essential Ways to Make Your Home Handicap Accessible

By making your home accessible to those with disabilities, it means it will be possible for anyone to come into your home and visit. There are many ways that you can make accommodations to those who are in a wheelchair or have limited mobility. Although it will cost time and money to make the proper modifications, the benefits can be so rewarding. We have for you some of the ways you will want to modify your home to become handicap accessible.

Modifying Your Entry Way

At least one entryway in your home needs to be wheelchair accessible. Installing a wheelchair ramp will allow easy access for anyone who wants to enter your home who has a disability. There are a variety of styles and shapes you can choose from your entry ramp, such as concrete, wooden, or aluminum ramps. Aluminum ramps are easier on your budget and durable as well.

To accommodate a wheelchair, every doorframe of your home, including the main entryway, should be at least 32 inches wide so a wheelchair can come through. Be sure you want to widen the main entryway as well as any interior doors. When installing doors, such as bathroom doors, make sure the door swings outwards, so it's easier for someone in a wheelchair to enter a bathroom and close the door.

Modifying the Bathroom

Setting up the bathroom is one of the most important ways to make your home wheelchair or disability accessible. First, make sure there is one full bathroom on the main floor of your home. You will also want to be sure the bathroom is slip-proof. So, remove any rugs to prevent possible accidents.

Next, your bathroom should have a bathtub or shower designed for someone disabled. You will want to include things such as a transfer seat, grab bars, handrails, a bath bench, and a roll-in shower. For your toilet seat, add a raised seat to your existing low-level toilet seat. Also, install grab bars around the toilet, which are 33 to 36 inches high, and a grab bar right next to the toilet around 42 inches in length.

Modifying the Bedroom

For your bedroom, you will want to make sure there is enough space for someone with a wheelchair or walker throughout the room. First, you'll want the bed size to be comfortable enough to sleep in, with enough space for someone to move around the bed in a wheelchair or walker. Also, be sure that the dresser is within reach of the bed, making it easier for someone with a disability to get dressed without getting up.

Getting your home ready for someone with a disability or handicap can be an expensive investment, but the freedom it allows makes it more than worth it. For questions and assistance with your home transformation, contact Thrive for Life for your next project.

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Home Modifications For Accessible Living

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