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See our before & after photos of our installation process.

Ceiling Lifts

A Surehands ceiling track system was used to maintain the independence of someone with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)/Lou Gehrig’s disease. 

Wheelchair Accessible Ramp

This wheelchair accessible ramp was made for someone who could not walk up and down their stairs, requiring the use of gurney anytime they needed to leave the home. Not only did the ramp provide safe access in and out of the home, it provided an opportunity for them to be able to sit on the lanai and wave to the neighbors.

Before Installation

After Installation

Premium finishes for a smooth ride

Aluminum Modular Wheelchair Ramp

EZ Access aluminum modular wheelchair ramp was used instead of a permanent wooden ramp due to the long-term use in a wet location.

Before Installation

After Installation

Aluminum ramps look great and last longer than wooden ramps.

Walk-In Showers

The first bathroom was designed around the needs of a caregiver and a person with cerebral palsy. 

The second shower was not designed for wheelchair access, but rather shower and toileting access with a shower commode chair on wheels.

Before Installation

After Installation

Easier navigation for both the caregiver & patient.

Before Installation

After Installation

Designed for the needs of a dependent growing child and the caregiver.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms

Bathrooms made for clients who need to be independent while using a regular wheelchair or a shower commode wheelchair.

Multi-User Function

Great design and function for client with ALS

Use of etched glass wall to increase space

Shower can be used horizontally or perpendicularly

Wide shower for use with a reclining wheelchair

Wet room design for easy cleaning

Offset water control for caregiver access

Wide shower for use with a reclining wheelchair

Glide bar doubling as a grab bar

Reinforced counter top to tolerate leaning on for someone who has difficulty standing

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