Healthcare Professionals

Improving Clinical Outcomes

Working closely with discharge planners, case managers, insurance companies, and social workers to minimize readmission rates and support a safe and fast discharge home. Consider us an extension of your discharge planning process!

Benefits for Insurance Companies

Benefits for Insurance Companies 

1. Increased economic value and affordability of care

2. Improve health outcomes

3. Ease administrative burden

4. Support the Comprehensive Patient Care Model

5. Implement Evidenced-Based Practice to guide decisions

6. Streamline process for obtaining durable medical equipment (DME)

7. Maintain member retention, satisfaction, and positive outlook toward their insurance provider

Benefits for Hospital & Clinics

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Benefits for Hospital & Clinics

There has been a paradigm shift in how our medical reimbursement system is moving from a volume-based model to one focused on value and high quality. 

Thrive For Life supports and aligns itself with this model and the “Triple Aim” of healthcare


  • Improve population health outcomes

  • Enhance consumer satisfaction

  • Reduce health care costs