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At Thrive for Life, we are dedicated to keeping our clients safe in their homes because we know that home is where you want to stay. Customized Home Modifications – with your accessibility in mind, from wheelchair ramps, lifts, and kitchens to bathroom renovations.

Custom Home Wheelchair Ramps
ADA Guidelines & Home Modifications
Accessible Walk-In Showers
Thrive for Life LLC specializes in providing individualized home modification consulting services including:
  • Accessibility solutions

  • ADA consulting

  • Fall mitigation / prevention strategies

  • Fall risk assessments

  • Home safety assessments

  • Equipment recommendations and procurement

  • Aging-in-place consulting

  • Accessible home modifications

  • Universal Design Consulting

  • Homes for multigenerational families

  • Education and training to improve our clients’ quality of life in their home

  • Expedite and assist with discharge planning from hospitals

  • Expert witness support with legal cases

  • Guest speaker at events highlighting the value of home modifications

Our 7-Step Process

Complimentary Visit

We provide a complimentary home visit. This is the first step in getting to know each other where we listen to what your goals and needs are regarding improving accessibility. With your family’s input (including the dog) we are able to understand the big picture and know if we will be a good fit to proceed further.

Client Assessment

We perform a comprehensive client assessment, taking into consideration all of your medical/physical needs and how that affects your ability to access your home safely and complete your daily routines. If a caregiver is involved, we assess that person as well in order to make the most appropriate recommendations for both of you.

We then perform a comprehensive home assessment in which we identify all areas that present barriers to safety, independence, and accessibility.

Lastly, we identify durable medical equipment (DME) that will be needed in order to assist with function, accessibility, and or safety. This could be as simple as grab bars or as involved as elevators/lifts.


Creating a Plan

Depending on what your needs and priorities are, the client assessment may focus on:

  • Fall prevention and home safety recommendations
  • Making the home accessible by widening doorways, installing ramps or lifts
  • Remodeling of rooms (bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms) to meet your needs
  • Complete remodeling of the home
  • Custom home building

Projects can be very small, medium or large-scale and be completed in the immediate, short or long-term. We create an existing floor plan design as the foundation to redesign the space.

We develop concept plans, showing the proposed modifications and allow you to accept or adjust the proposed modifications. Once all parties are in agreement, we complete a set of finished plans with specifications and finishes ready for permit and contractor bid.

We Collaborate

We support you in the process of selecting a contractor and ease the process of home modifications by serving as the liaison between you and the contractors. Often times families become overwhelmed with all of the choices/recommendations and needs of their loved one.

Before the contractor even gets to your home, we provide plan reviews and consultation as a service on your behalf.

We Oversee

We oversee the construction process from start to finish by making site visits to closely monitor and ensure appropriate follow through of the established plan. In our experience, custom accessibility requires consistent supervision. Contractors understand the how-to-install or build, but may miss the critical importance of incorporating caregiver needs into the design and build process which is based on medical needs.

We Educate

We provide a post-occupancy evaluation to ensure that the recommended modifications are sufficient, appropriate, and functioning properly. Furthermore, we educate you and your caregivers in safe use of the modifications and/or equipment once everything is installed. By doing this final review after construction is complete, we support your safety and independence.

We Assure You

One of the benefits of our experience translates into less stress for you. We are able to guide you through the whole home modification process, from identifying what is necessary, which contractor to select, and guiding you through the construction process. We specialize in these areas so that you don’t have to worry.
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